Whilst as motor cyclists on the best touring bike in the world we try to enjoy ourselves as much as we can, we do make some of our time available to others. A large chunk of our annual schedule is taken up supporting our charities.

March 2018

Roy Chandler and Paul Provis represented Blood Bikes Wales and were given a cheque for £500.  This was gratefully received and the members were told of developments at BBW since the last donation a year ago.  The refrigerated blood box which had been unveiled as a prototype had not progressed since the Cardiff Metropolitan University student had graduated and left the University.  However, BBW had expanded its operations to cover pretty much the whole of Wales, a marvellous achievement since first starting in a small way in 2011.  BBW’s fleet of bikes had been modernised from the 6 second-hand, high mileage Honda Deauvilles of those early years to 20 bikes most of which were less than three years old.  Money from various Masonic lodges had helped fund the purchase of two new bikes.  The tally of jobs done stood at the 10,000 mark with an annual total of 160,000 miles being clocked up.  This naturally incurs significant costs and BBW depends on the generosity of individuals and groups such as the Wings.

Didn’t we do well!

Christmas 2016 donataions

A big thank you to everyone who donated something for our Christmas Charities.


Charities Supported by South Wales Wings

Current Charities (2017)

In 2014 the Region started supporting Blood Bikes Wales (Charity number 1143352), an NHS blood/plasma transportation service that provides its services on evenings and bank holidays when the NHS service does not operate. For more information visit the BBW website bloodbikeswales

Cardiff Christian Ministries
This is a Christian based organisation which operates from an independent church in Aberdare that does not have charitable status. It sees part of its missionary work as supporting the homeless and others in need who frequent the streets of Cardiff. Their practical support consists of weekly deliveries of food and hot drinks. It also provides replacement clothing on an orchestrated hand out basis. We provide them with supplies on a regular basis.

Previous Charities supported by South Wales Wings.

Rowan Tree Cancer Care.     Care for Uganda.   Tri-County Play Association.

British Legion.    Ty Hafen.    National Association of Disabled Bike Riders.