Because of our contacts we have been able to source all manner of supplies from sweat shirts to pennants from oil to spark plugs. If you need something to wear with a motor cycle feel or of a Welsh connection, please contact the Quartermaster. If you plan to do some home maintenance on the bikes we all love, think of us first we can probably help.

Examples are (as at 2020 prices):

Celtic T shirts all sizes and designs – £????? each.
South Wales Wings pennant – £11.00
Cloth Badge for your jumper – £3.00.
Oil filter for 1800 or 1500 – £5.00.

You need to be a member of South Wales Wings or Gold Wing Owner’s Club of Great Britain to buy these items. Full prices on application to the Quartermaster.”

St. David’s Bike Pennants (rectangular, black with yellow cross) Welsh Wing Bike Pennants (triangular, green/white with Welsh dragon)
SWW Bike Pennants (triangular, red with our logo)
Guest Hanging Pennants
Baseball caps
Circulars badges
Puncture Repair Solution
Wing Ding Circular badges
Wing Ding metal badges
1800 Maintenance DVDs
Historic Treffen DVD’s
Paper Towel Rolls @
Non Region Polo Shirts/sweatshirts various sizes
Oil Filters
Air filters for 1500
Air filters for 1800
5 litres Mobil Oil
Spark Plugs
Brake Pads for 1500
Brake Pads for 1800
Shrink cable small bore
Shrink cable medium bore
Travel Kits (bulb kit 1500, Hi Viz jacket, first aid kit)
Overseas Bulb Kits for 1500
Cable ties white 6″ long

Plus embroidered items:

The Region’s logo is the Prince of Wales Feathers in gold together with the name “South Wales Wings” and if you want it your Christian name. This is normally put on all clothing on the left breast.
The Region’s colours are red or black, but any colour is available.

Sizes are Ladies 8 to 18, Men small to XXXXL. Made to Order only NOT kept in stock.

Items are:
Polo Shirts (all include logo etc)
Round neck or V neck Sweatshirts
Fleece with full or half zip
Mistra reversible fleece/showerproof jacket

(With GWOCGB and South Wales Wings on back with bike design adds a further cost)
Men’s Oxford button down shirt, size determined by collar size plus 1/2″

Our embroiderer also has a clothing catalogue if you wanted something special – can get you a price!!