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Because we understand all the problems a puncture can cause for a motorcyclist and the difficulties encountered whilst trying to change a wheel at the side of the roadImage of Dave Webster, the motorcycle sector is one of our busiest and fastest growing markets. Puncturesafe provides the answers to a motorcycle puncture, as apart from sealing all punctures caused by objects up to 6mm in diameter, in the event of a larger area of damage Puncturesafe will provide protection from rapid deflation by giving a controlled deflation – possibly allowing the rider to get the motorcycle home, or away from a dangerous location. Owing to greatly improved heat transfer from the inner tread area to the wheel, because of sidewall coverage of Puncturesafe, the life of the tyre will be extended, probably one of the reasons tyre manufacturers do not recommend its use! Puncturesafe has the ability to virtually eliminate tyre pressure loss – even during long term storage. Most importantly, Puncturesafe does not repair a puncture in a tyre, it “seals” the puncture, which means that unlike the conventionaImage of Dave Websterl patch, the tyre cannot fail owing to excessive heat!

One of South Wales Wings members is now a Puncturesafe Distributor based in Llantrisant.

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